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  • 1 new site, 6 new releases, 1 new format. LOTS OF NEWS

    For those that dream of some day being involved in the “music industry”… these are the days they dream about. To be honest, the reality of it all is doing a ton of super mundane and repetitive (and shitty) work for no recognition and little appreciation. It takes a toll on you and you wonder […]

  • WOAH!

    We finally have a new website! For the moment it has all the releases up to date – all of which you can get from our bandcamp store. We are working on updating on all the band bios and smoothing out some other areas of the site. We also have some huge news coming very […]

  • White Wives, Bandcamp, other stuff

    So! We promised it ages ago, but bandcamp finally made it make sense for labels so we put up all our releases for immediate digital download, and all the releases still in print are available for purchase of the limited edition hand screened physical product. The thing that makes our new bandcamp page even […]


    I cant believe its taken us this long to inform the world, but prepare yourselves for you favorite new band that will scare the shit out of you.  Worlds Scariest Police Chases is Corey of American Armada, Maxx of Allies, Dan Nelson of Red Team Blue Team, Andy of The Code, Chris of Hank Jones, […]