1 new site, 6 new releases, 1 new format. LOTS OF NEWS

For those that dream of some day being involved in the “music industry”… these are the days they dream about. To be honest, the reality of it all is doing a ton of super mundane and repetitive (and shitty) work for no recognition and little appreciation. It takes a toll on you and you wonder why you bother spending time, money, and energy on it. Today is one of those few and far between days that make it all worth while. The new site is done, all the releases are up in the store, and you take just a few seconds to look over a catalog of over 20 releases that you’ve put out for some of your best friends and you realize this is why you do it all.

We are lucky enough to have some super talented friends that we’ve got to work with since we’ve started Lock and Key. Recently we added a bunch more to the roster… You can find releases on cassette tape from Adventures, Run Forever, American War, and Prey For Teeth. We just did a CD, cassette, and foil screen printed poster combo for White Wives, and a split 7″ for Allies and German Shepherd. ┬áIt’s been a super nuts month! We have a few more awesome releases in the works that we’ll announce soon, but fuck, these should definitely hold you over for a while!

I’ve never been more stoked or proud of what we’ve been able to with Lock and Key as I am right now. I hope you dig the new stuff! Thanks for all your support!