Adventures – S/T

  These are some of the best friends I’ve made through music. I came up with there band name, gone on a weekend tour with them, and shared some pretty cool times with them. I’m really excited that they were the first band I ever made a tape for. I am equally excited that this is also […]

Allies / German Shepherd – Split 7″

  When these 2 bands decided to team up and put out a split 7″ we knew it would be an unstoppable force of rock and roll. these bands may be the elder statesmen of lock and key but they bring much wisdom. sit back, roast a bone, put on your headphones and let your […]

Killer Of Sheep – Out of Time

  Killer Of Sheep’s debut 7″ Out of Time. This 5 song 7″ comes on random color vinyl and was released by Lock and Collective and Innervenus. If you like 80′s hardcore, this is for you. If you have a beating heart and ears, this is for you.  Limited to 500 copies.