Allies – Wire Walk

  What first got most excited about working with Allies was knowing Joel and Joey from Pikadori. Those two are Pittsburgh’s version of Fugazi’s Ian Mackaye and Guy Picciotto. In addition to my love of Pikadori, Joey had started Hope Records that was a huge inspiration to me getting Lock and Key going. When I found […]

German Shepherd – Legends of Olde

  If it weren’t for the guys in German Shepherd there is no doubt Lock and Key Collective wouldn’t exist. These guys are responsible for some of the earliest punk rock I heard. Getting to release this record for them was like a long cycle come fully around. Not only was this record an honor […]

White Wives – Situationist EP

  The coolest thing about running a label is working with your friends. When Chris #2 asked me to release what would be the first release from White Wives I was honored to do it. I was even more stoked to find out it made its way into the hands of Billie Joe and the […]