Red Team Blue Team – Take Root

  I’ve known these dudes longer than they’ve been alive.  It’s been incredible to watch them grow as people and musicians.  This is the first EP we did on Lock and Key and it was also the first time we did cover variations.  There is a red version and a blue version of the record.  There even […]

American Armada – Let’s Party

  These dudes!  These dudes were the first active band on Lock and Key.  Moments after we formed Lock and Key and decided we were going to do the TDA record, we knew we were going to follow it up with the Armada full length.  We did a split label compilation with A-F Records and […]

Echoes of Harper’s Ferry – Never Forget

  When we met the dudes from Echoes it was one of the raddest nights ever.  We were at a pretty rad house show, Echoes played, we all fell in love with each other and decided to do a record together.  That happened before we met the captain dudes, but this record wasn’t made yet, […]

Captain We’re Sinking – The Animals Are Out

  The Animals Are Out was out when we first heard Captain We’re Sinking but they let us help them re-release it and we are stoked that they did.  This record still gets heavy rotation in my CD player and I am proud to have been a part of it.  The dudes in Captain are […]