without these dudes, we’d be nothing. literally. we are eternally grateful to them for their friendship, music, and radness.

Teddy Duchamp’s Army

Teddy Duchamp’s Army Started in the basement of a house shared by founding members Mike Rock, Jason Jouver (Creta Bourzia, Don Caballero, Jumbo, Liquid Brick) and Steve McMillen (Paris Green, Sub Rosa, Irwin, Shylock, Sullenspire, Voice In The Wire). One day while messing on the instruments from Jason and Steve’s other bands they started to […]

Captain, We’re Sinking

We started as a band really because we weren’t good at anything else. There are so many great bands in Scranton and we just wanted to be part of it. Our influences range all over the place but the basics are newer bands that are still going now like against me, rx bandits, Lawrence arms […]

American Armada

These fucking guys… American Armada hailed from Pittsburgh, PA and brought a Dillinger Four style of punk rock to your ear on their debut full length produced by Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), recorded by Jason Jouver (Don Caballero) and mastered by Mass Giorgini (Screeching Weasel). (truth be told, it was supposed to be mastered by Mass Giorgini, […]

Echoes Of Harper’s Ferry

Echoes of Harper’s Ferry was the first band that we talked to that made this feel like a real label. We had put out the posthumous TDA cd, and talked to American Armada about doing their cd, but these were all dudes of ours long before the label. Echoes was the first band we saw at […]

Red Team Blue Team

With this much talent in such young kids its no wonder it couldn’t be sustained. Two bass players, two guitars, and a drummer got together and made 1 badass EP then imploded like a star that used up all its fuel. Of course they didnt run out of creative fuel though, half the band went on to […]

Dandelion Snow

Dandelion Snow, aka Roger Harvey, other aliases include Bluebird Midwest, Lil Rog, the dude from White Wives, and “my good pal Rog”. I love this kid and have for years. The first Dandelion Snow release we did I hadn’t even heard before we agreed to put it out. With Roger you just know its going […]

Reverse The Curse

These days, it’s all too easy for young bands to fall through the cracks and fail to muster any sort of staying power. Each genre is becoming more and more over-saturated and we can all agree that “whiskey soaked” and “gravely” vocals aren’t anything new. However, every now and then a band is able to […]

Worlds Scariest Police Chases

6 cops hellbent on killing themselves or the audience. Whichever comes first. “These guys are the Wu-Tang Clan of punk rock” –Andrew WK “I know you are not supposed to play favorites with your children. And being a ¼ of Anti-Flag  and A-F Records means that all of our collective releases are our “kids”… But […]

White Wives

White Wives, comprised of Chris #2 and Chris Head from Anti-Flag, Roger Harvey from Dandelion Snow and Tyler Kweder from American Armada, may all have fulltime day jobs, but that didn’t mean this band is a side project or was just another time-filler between albums and tours. White Wives began as a thoughtful, longtime collaboration […]


The youthful optimism of Pikadori is tempered in Allies by the wisdom that comes with being in one’s 30s (which Grimes, Vesely and drummer Greg Cislon all are). The title track, Grimes explains, was inspired by the film Man on Wire, about tightrope walker Philippe Petit. Grimes draws a comparison with day-to-day existence and its constant […]

German Shepherd

Four veteran Pittsburgh musicians, Jason Jouver(Don Caballero), Mike Cicon(Sub Machine), Ketan Bakrania(Chai Baba), Jeff Ellsworth(Don Caballero) have put together a group that draws from all of their musical endeavors and formed something new. German Shepherd is a band who’s music runs from droning, odd time, angular guitars and rhythms to familiar, yet unique, power pop. […]

Shady Ave

We all met each other playing in different bands, then we started writing songs together when we all lived on Shady Ave and we just kept doing that. Joel Masters – Guitar/Vox Ryan Williamson- Guitar/Vox Joey Wolbert – Bass/Vox Mick Wachob – Drums     Releases on Lock and Key Co: Signals Midwest / Shady Ave […]

Signals Midwest

Rarely do you come across a young band that startles you with such inherent quality. While Cleveland, Ohio’s Signals Midwest might be rooted in the ethos of punk rock the band quickly transcends the tag both musically and lyrically on their sophomore album, Latitudes & Longitudes. Paying tribute to the continual growth of legends like […]

Killer Of Sheep

Oyo Ellis and Greg Mairs were in their first hardcore band together, Battered Citizens, way back in the mid-’80s. The band, whose lineup is rounded out by scene veterans Ollie McClellen and Keith Smallwood, plays aggressive, simple, classic hardcore. “We’ll destroy shit on stage,” Ellis says. “We all put 100 percent into what we’re doing. […]

Voice In The Wire

In 2003, after some lineup changes, Pittsburgh DIY punk staples Teddy Duchamp’s Army decided to change their name. Voice In The Wire was born. The band spent the next few months crafting a new arsenal of songs and in the early part of 2004 they isolated themselves in an upstate New York recording studio and […]

American War

My name is Matt and I play music as American War. I also play guitar/some vocals in a band called the Sidekicks. More importantly, I’m a human.   


The Pittsburgh band features members Jami, Reba and Joe from reputable Deathwish Records hardcore band Code Orange Kids who, along with friends Kimi and Dominic, formed earlier this year. Only a few months later, the band recorded their debut self-titled EP and signed with No Sleep Records. While Code Orange Kids are known for their […]

Run Forever

Known for its tireless work ethic and resolute DIY attitude, Run, Forever has spent much of the last two years on the road, playing to enthusiastic fans in tiny clubs, sweaty basements and crowded house shows around the country. From fist-pumping, sing-along punk anthems to swinging folk rockers to more intimate acoustic numbers, the outfit’s […]

Pray For Teeth

Featuring veterans of numerous Pittsburgh area bands, Pray For Teeth play a unique mix of metal, ambient, punk, and hardcore. They have released a 7″ on It’s a Trap! Records and Root of Evil Collective, and have an LP coming out on Mayfly. Check out the over 11 minute long cassette single we released for these […]