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I am packing my bags and hitting the plane early tomorrow.  I will be enjoying summer in October by mid day!  If you are also going to be enjoying the Florida sun and Fest this weekend, stop by Rum Runners on Saturday night for Captain, We’re Sinking and American Armada!  If you find me and […]

Whats up Japan?!

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to our new friend YUYA in Japan. We sent Yuya some Lock and Key releases to distro in Japan and every copy was sold in what seemed like minutes! Hopefully, we’ll make it over there sooner than later to rock YUYA and friends! See you in Japan!

THE FEST! Gainesville. FLORIDA 2009!!!

We just received word today that AMERICAN ARMADA and CAPTAIN WE’RE SINKING will both be playing the fest this year!! If you cant tell by all the CAPS we are stoked! We love No Idea and the bands they’ve worked with over the years. The fest has always been something we respected and this is […]