Dandelion Snow

dandelionsnowDandelion Snow, aka Roger Harvey, other aliases include Bluebird Midwest, Lil Rog, the dude from White Wives, and “my good pal Rog”. I love this kid and have for years. The first Dandelion Snow release we did I hadn’t even heard before we agreed to put it out. With Roger you just know its going to be good. Of course that was the case and we went on from Skeleton Butterflies to release The Grand Scheme of Things and later to release more of Roger’s output with White Wives. I haven’t done an official audit but i think its safe to say Roger has probably performed on more Lock and Key releases than anyone else. Seems fitting since I think Roger is probably the most prolific musician I know. This kid is never done. I never known him to rest on his laurels. If he isn’t on tour he is probably writing and recording more music. Hell, even when he is on tour he is writing and recording more music.