Echoes Of Harper’s Ferry

echoesofharpersferryEchoes of Harper’s Ferry was the first band that we talked to that made this feel like a real label. We had put out the posthumous TDA cd, and talked to American Armada about doing their cd, but these were all dudes of ours long before the label. Echoes was the first band we saw at a show and thought, these dudes kill it, let’s put out a record for them!  They were totally down and we all become fast friends. Two members of Echoes now play in 2 of my favorite current bands. Roscoe now plays in Worship! This and Jeff Russell is in Signals  Midwest. Stoked that we got to know these dudes way back and put out a rad record for them. It was Tim Gill that told us about Reverse the Curse too, which is always the way i wanted the label to grow. Stoked on these dudes and this record. Stoked on what they’ve gone on to do since.