Teddy Duchamp’s Army

Teddy+Duchamps+ArmyTeddy Duchamp’s Army Started in the basement of a house shared by founding members Mike Rock, Jason Jouver (Creta Bourzia, Don Caballero, Jumbo, Liquid Brick) and Steve McMillen (Paris Green, Sub Rosa, Irwin, Shylock, Sullenspire, Voice In The Wire). One day while messing on the instruments from Jason and Steve’s other bands they started to mess with a few songs Mike had written on his own. While all of his friends were busy in bands, Mike was always the guy selling the t-shirts and records, or designing flyers or helping book tours, but had always wanted a band of his own.

Mike had a close friend that played guitar in several local bands, that had always encouraged Mike to play in a band of his own, but he always had cold feet, somewhat intimidated by the talent of his friends. 1998 that friend passed away very unexpectedly. Realizing life was short and he had to make things happen for himself, Mike made himself a promise. Before the year ended he would play a show with a real band.

As the year’s end drew closer, Mike once again went back to the basement with Jason on vocals and Steve on guitar, and added close friends Todd Ladner (Liquid Brick, Creation is Crucifixtion, Shale) on bass and Brian Garbark (Toothagunna, Jumbo, Bunjie Jambo) on Drums.

The band played a handful of Mike’s songs just before midnight on new years eve 1998.

The band’s melodic punk rock was a breath of fresh air from the technical, heavy mathrock bands most of the guys had been playing in. Everyone had a great time and decided to continue to play some more shows. In the summer of 1999 the band recorded a demo with long time friend Andy Wright (Anti-Flag, Human Investment, Wesafari, Disco Crisis) at the control board.