Voice In The Wire

In 2003, after some lineup changes, Pittsburgh DIY punk staples Teddy Duchamp’s Army decided to change their name. Voice In The Wire was born. The band spent the next few months crafting a new arsenal of songs and in the early part of 2004 they isolated themselves in an upstate New York recording studio and created their Eyeball Records debut “Signals In Transmission”

vitwIn September of the same year the album was finally released. With a commitment to taking their music as far as they could they immediately began a relentless touring schedule. The next 8 months saw the band logging countless miles on the road hopping from tour to tour sharing the stage with bands like Paint it Black, 7 Seconds, The Loved Ones, None More Black, Murder by Death amoung others. When out of nowhere the guys found themselves stranded out west with a broken down van, debts piling up by the day and a bass player short of a lineup. Life came knocking hard for a few of the guys and at home responsibilities took precedence. The guys decided to put the band on the backburner and focus on other things. August 2005 saw the last performance of VITW alongside good friends Kid Dynamite to a sold out crowd at one of the final shows ever at New York City’s legendary club CBGB’s.