So! We promised it ages ago, but bandcamp finally made it make sense for labels so we put up all our releases for immediate digital download, and all the releases still in print are available for purchase of the limited edition hand screened physical product. The thing that makes our new bandcamp page even [...]


I cant believe its taken us this long to inform the world, but prepare yourselves for you favorite new band that will scare the shit out of you.  Worlds Scariest Police Chases is Corey of American Armada, Maxx of Allies, Dan Nelson of Red Team Blue Team, Andy of The Code, Chris of Hank Jones, and me.. Dan Rock.

Its wild, we recorded a 3 song demo and played our first show and the Lock and Key 3rd birthday show.  We have our 3rd show coming up at mr. smalls with Anti-Flag, Strike Anywhere, The Riverboat Gamblers, and The Flatliners.  You should check it out.

We are on facebook, myspace, and twitter, plus have some merch online for sale too.  Check us out!

3rd birthday show!

So the third lock and key collective birthday show is right around the corner. August 7th to be exact and its going to be a doozy! We are going to Garfield Artworks and Teddy Duchamp’s Army, the band that started it all over here on lock and key, is crawling out of hibernation to play! In addition to TDA, Captain, We’re Sinking, The Holy Mess, Dandelion Snow, and a few more will be there.

you shouldn’t miss it, and it’s only $7.

Rad Fest and Dandelion Snow

So next weekend is Rad Fest and everyone should make a point to try and catch some Lock and Key bands.  We got American Armada, Captain We’re Sinking, Reverse the Curse, and The Holy Mess all playing.  Oh ya, did I mention we are releasing a Holy Mess EP?  No? well we are, and its awesome, so deal with it!

Also, we just finished printing the sleeves for Dandelion Snow’s The Grand Scheme of Things.  It’ll Be out in June, and it’s awesome.  Definitely his best work yet!  So make sure you make it out to one of the CD release shows for that.

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