White Wives, Bandcamp, other stuff

So! We promised it ages ago, but bandcamp finally made it make sense for labels so we put up all our releases for immediate digital download, and all the releases still in print are available for purchase of the limited edition hand screened physical product.  http://lockandkeyco.bandcamp.com/

The thing that makes our new bandcamp page even more special is we put up a pre-order for the White Wives EP.  Oh you didnt know? Ya, we are releasing an EP for White Wives.  Who are White Wives?  Really?! Well, White Wives is a new band comprised of Chris 2 and Chris Head from Anti-Flag, Andy T from The Code and Worlds Scariest Police Chases, Roger Harvey from Dandelion Snow, and Tyler Kweeder from American Armada.

The EP comes out 2/15/2011 but you can pre-order either the physical version or the digital version now, and either come with an immediate download of one song.  We are stoked about it and we think you will be too, and when have we ever steered you wrong?!